Hungry Mouth – Erotica

“Now squeeze your tits tight and
open those soft lips,”
he demanded rather than asked.

As if I was going to argue,
while he slid his cock
between my soft mounds,
pushing through to my hungry mouth.

The taste, the smell of him:
my ravenous mouth
devoured what it could.

My tongue stretched and licked.
I looked him in the eye.

One of his hands was knotted in my hair.
The other guided his cock.

“mmmmm! ooohhhh!” I managed.

“Fuck!!” was his echoing reply.

And then he coated my lips
with his creamy essence,
while I greedily lapped up all that I could.

I’ll never have enough.
Of this, I’m absolutely sure
I mused, as I licked my lips,

then begged him for more.

tara caribou | ©️2017

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