Never Enough – Erotica

Standing in the shower
Hot water pulsing over my soft skin
My eyes drifted closed
I knew not how long I stood there before
A breath of cold air
Caressed the skin of my back
Then I felt your hands
They started at my hips
Pulled me back into your body
Worked their way over my belly
Up to my breasts
Where they paused
Kneading pinching squeezing twisting
I purred and stretched
My arms reaching over my head
Rubbing my wet backside
All over your frontside
I felt you getting hard against my ass
One of your hands went to my hip
Gripped it tight
The other hand first bent me over
Then went to your hard cock
You stroked yourself along my slit
Wet inside and out for you
Ass to clit, clit to ass
Again and again
I begged you to fuck me
So you pushed yourself
Deep, deeper, deeper
Until you were fully inside me
The one hand was kneading my hip
Fingers digging in
The other moved up my spine
Wrapped itself in my wet hair
Water poured over us both
As you began to move
Your balls were slapping against me
It felt like magic
You moving deep inside and the pounding
On the outside and the hot water
Sluicing across my back and your
Fingers squeezing my hip tight bruising
Guiding and controlling using the
Reins of my hair
I cried out in ecstasy, in pain, in love
You took exactly what you needed
Violently you shouted
And stilled
And poured yourself into me
You pulled me standing using my hair
Kissing me roughly
I knew in that moment
How much I meant to you
For I had awakened a beast
With my soft curves and moaning mouth
And you, you had awakened me
I understood I would never
Have enough of you
And you would never have enough of me
Turning in your embrace
I pressed myself to you
And pulled your mouth to mine again
We stood there until the water got cold
Showing one another our love
Using soft lips and sharp teeth and
Twisting tongues and whimpers and
Murmured promises

tara caribou | ©️2017

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