Wash Away

pushing my face
beneath the shower head
may this warm water wash away
all my tears and doubts and
regrets and worries and longings
that reside within my soul
cascading down my cheeks and throat
across my breasts and stomach
over my thighs and knees and
straight down the drain
could it be possible?
to never see them again?
oh how I wish!

too soon I must pull my face free
gasping for breath
and the salty tears that
intermingled with the fresh water
have taken over
bathing my skin again

perhaps one day
you’ll come for me and heal me
cover me with your arms and lips
your hands and body and
penetrate me
pushing out all my darkness
with your glorious Light
and I won’t have to understand it
just accept it
your liquid light
cleansing and overpowering
raining down on my thirsty skin
until I’m completely soaked
inside and out
with the essence of you

maybe then
I can look deep into your eyes
and see reflected there
how complete
how whole
I can truly be

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