PS: I Miss You

Remember those days and nights
when we used to text each other
every minute that we had?
I do.
When we shared every little stupid
insignificant thing and it was
mildly embarrassing but still
I did it anyway.
Telling you all the worst parts of me.
I figured if you knew
all the dumb stuff about me
(yeah, so I can’t stand
my feet getting wet *shudder*)

and you still wanted to talk
then maybe we could be friends after all.

But maybe friendship isn’t all I feel.
Maybe I jumped in.
Maybe you make me a better person.
So, I still text you with stupid shit.
But your responses become
fewer and fewer.
Perhaps I overwhelmed you
with my clinginess.
Perhaps you’ve found someone better.
I’ll admit it wouldn’t take much
to attain that particular goal.
(Does she randomly send you
pictures of yogurt too?)

Perhaps I’m too moody and
self-absorbed and obnoxious.
Or maybe life has made you
too busy for me.
That’s okay, I guess.
I can understand.
There are a lot of obligations and
people pulling for your attentions.
Now I’ve become one of those people.
Just another one lining up
for your affections and attentions.
But still.
I yearn for you.

So, here I sit.
Thinking of conversations we’ve had.
And conversations I want to have but
I’m still unable to bring myself to ask or
talk about.
Maybe sometime in the next hour or so,
I’ll cross your mind again.
Maybe, just maybe, you’ll text me.
And bring a smile to my face.

Oh, and PS: I miss you.

20 thoughts on “PS: I Miss You

  1. Your writing is always so deeply rooted in relatable thoughts. It’s difficult to miss someone, even more so when all the things we share aren’t reciprocated.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmm. Thinking of something to say. Just go out and look at the snow, stars, day, sun whatever, while I compose some truly deep and wonderful thoughts. Hmm. I might just bookmark this page instead, and get back to you on that one. This must be one of those rare occasions, when I am at a loss for words….

    Liked by 1 person

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