Like Always, You

I woke up
in the middle of my night
and like always
my first waking thoughts are of
Always you.

I lay here
for long drawn out moments
and like always
debate sending a message to
Always you.

I know that
you’re off in some far away land
and like always
life makes you too busy for
Always me.

I hope that
across your mind I will crawl
and like always
instead I roll over to dream about
Always you.

10 thoughts on “Like Always, You

  1. “If you really want something, you’ll find a way… If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” I know the saying, and I know it is probably true. Still, I can relate to the yearning feeling that this will be the exception…

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  2. Wow. A 3-part question. Answer number one. You are always the lucky one. Answer number two. if he doesn’t come to his senses, then you still are the lucky one. Answer number three, which might also be in three parts. I suggest Roman Numerals, with sub-sections in case of extended answers. Where was I? Oh yeah. It seems as if keeping him in this state of mind, you’ll always have someone to write about, then if he does wake up and smell the Tundra, you’ll be even more lucky, being able to write about the good, then the bad and the ugly if he chooses to leave you again. Where was I? Oh yeah. I’m sure you are worth someone’s time, they just haven’t understood that yet, or their watch was stomped on by a Caribou. Seems logical to me….

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