Constant Visions

There are times

when I imagine I

hear a knock on the door I

open it up and

there he stands.

The one who holds my heart.


he’s reached the same decision I have

he can’t live without me he’s

flown across the miles

that separate us just to

hold me in his arms to

look me in the eyes and

tell me he loves me and

needs me and he’s here to

take me away from everything.

I gaze out my window I

know it couldn’t happen I’m

aware of our realities but


living in a fantasy

helps me endure.

The sun sets and I’m still

staring out my window.

My heart continues to

call out to his.

My tears

advance down my cheeks.

A glistening moon

beams upon my face.

For a moment I

wonder, does he ever

dream the same thing?

That perhaps I would be

standing before him

on his own doorstep.

8 thoughts on “Constant Visions

  1. Beautifully written, my dear. I can feel a mix of emotions weaved into this, some hope, some sadness, some longing, and some love. It made for a wonderful combination.

    Liked by 1 person

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