Wishful Thinking

We lay here
Legs as intertwined
As our hearts
My head rests upon your chest
Fingers tracing along your skin lazily
Your arm wrapped around me
Stroking my back
My hair a shroud about us
You kiss the top of my head
We talk about nothing
About everything
Sometimes we sit in silence
Left to our own thoughts
I can hear the gentle thump-thumping
Of your heart in my ear
It seems to beat just for my pleasure
I’m aware of my breasts
pressed against your side
The rise and fall of your chest
The way we fit so perfectly together
The smell of us surrounds me
Permeates the air
I breathe in deeply
Filling my lungs with the perfect scent
I turn my face up
Our lips meet and I can taste myself there
I gaze into your eyes and time stops
My world came alive
When you stepped into it
Please don’t ever leave me
To live life without you again

5 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking

  1. A romantic and sensual thought The longing is really palpable. I find that our dreams and wishes sometimes are so vivid, it’s like we are actually experiencing them.

    Liked by 1 person

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