Unspoken Words

I did exactly what I set out not to do

I gave my heart to another

What started as a chance meeting

Turned into an easy conversation

Which became texts and more texts

Texts turned to phone calls

We had a meeting of minds

Kindred spirits

But when I looked back

I suddenly realized

I had fallen for you

Without knowing everything

Barely anything at all

I had your face memorized

When you messaged me

I knew how you’d write something out

Although maybe not the exact words

My heart was yours

Before I recognized the truth

Or maybe I did but I had denied it

This is crazy

It’s impossible

What have I done??

There’s no going back, is there?

Do I tell you what’s in my heart?

What would you say?

Would you run away?

Chuckle, “silly girl

A hundred typed and deleted messages

Seen only by me and my phone

Oh, what should I do?

Part of me hopes

You won’t answer another text

Disappear from my life

Another part hopes

You’ll see through to the real me

Take me as I am

Will you see past the dark I hide behind?

Am I worth it to you?

Suddenly I don’t know

What have I done?!

Oh, Heart, what have you done?

14 thoughts on “Unspoken Words

  1. Oh heart, indeed. You wear who you are in your writing and that is both brave and wonderful. I really love all your writing, for different reasons as I am reading it, but always because it is raw and honest. You have a wonderful gift!!

    Liked by 1 person

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