Come Back To Me

Into my thoughts he crept

Quietly, unbidden

I let him stay

Perhaps too long

And when he chose to leave

I could not bear it

For I had become used

To his presence

11 thoughts on “Come Back To Me

    1. Perhaps that’s what it was. She could be whole without him but would be better with him.

      Maybe, just maybe, he got scared of how she made HIM feel and he attempted to vacate her heart before he himself got hurt. Or maybe he saw all there was to see and was underwhelmed. I suppose she’ll never really know. All she can know for sure is a piece of her soul left with him.

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      1. I not sure a man could vacate a woman’s heart if she truly feels him there, and likewise, Tis a fickle man that allows himself to be felt in such a way, only to turn his back. Whom ever it was, I feel sadness for the emotions they’ve made you feel, for the emptiness you’re left with at their leaving. Perhaps their role was to show you that which you desire, that you didn’t know you wanted, so that you may look for it in another.

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        1. I’m of two minds about it. Either the attachment is born of a genuine spiritual unity or connection OR it’s a desperate low-esteemed person clinging to anything and anyone who turns toward them. Now you get to figure out which one it is.

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        2. You know, I have a feeling you are correct. I, though, tend to (knee-jerk response) view things black and white. But I am trying to see the greys. Obviously, you have figured out matters of the heart a little sooner than I have. I’m not saying you have all the answers, just that you have more knowledge or wisdom in such matters. I am just learning to listen to my heart as I have had it walled up for so long, plus it lies. So it’s a huge learning curve for me. Does that make sense?


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