Consume Me

I’m ready.
Ripe for the taking.
Taste of me
You’ll see
What I say is true
My body and mind desires
For one who will:
Take me
Drink me
Ravish me
Consume me
Use me
Eat me
Inhale me
Devour me
Absorb me
Exhaust me
Punish me
Wreck me
All of me.
I think
You may find
Once you’ve had me
You will never
Your fill.

18 thoughts on “Consume Me

  1. Hah!

    It says “consume me” but this is a two-snake ouroboros – consume you, sure, but the undercurrent here says you will be consuming whoever consumes you. Pour into them as they pour into you. So more than just “consuming” you and being done with it, this is all that goes into the creation of something that consumes not you, or whoever’s in it with you, but just everything.

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