Sleep Problems – Erotica

We were laying in bed, naked, just talking as sleep wouldn’t come. I sat up and picked up my jar of massage oil off the dresser. “I’ve got an idea for how to help you sleep but… will you let me do anything I want?” I asked. You hesitated a little too long. Looking over my shoulder, my long curls cascading down the pale soft skin of my back, “what? Are you scared?” “Maybe a little,” you replied. “Don’t worry,” I answered as I warmed the oil between my palms, “I won’t hurt you…. and it’ll help you sleep, I know it will.”

Turning toward you down on my knees, I slowly climbed between your thighs. With one hand I gently palmed you, stroking your length; with the other I moved lower to your soft sac below. Massaging, squeezing, and fingering you. My fingers moved lower, to that soft stretch of skin just below your sac but before your ass. I pushed and rubbed.

Lowering my head, I licked your crown, curling my tongue. Tasting, really. Again and again I circled your head, a little more, a little less. I could taste the earthy oil; I could taste your musky scent. My mouth watered and I took you deeper into my hot, wet mouth, wanting to taste more of you on my tongue.

“Fuck, Baby, I want more,” you quietly declared. I lowered my finger, pushing in gently. You moaned. “Yes, like that,” you sighed. With one hand I stroked your ass, deeper and deeper; with the other I stroked your cock. And my mouth stayed busy too: sucking, licking, consuming with great relish.

You were so delicious, so fucking hot, I couldn’t control myself. My hand abandoned its post and, neglecting your hard cock, found its way between my own thighs. I rubbed myself, I sucked your cock, I moaned with pleasure. “Fuck yes, Baby! Cum for me with my cock in your mouth…. do it! Make that pussy wet. Cum right now!” I was powerless to disobey you and I came right then and there. I screamed with my mouth full. I moaned and convulsed and shook. Still I kept sucking your hard delicious cock.

After the tremors had receded, my hands became yours again. We found a rhythm that worked for us both as your cries turned into begging: “don’t stop…. please don’t stop… right there… just like that…. fuck! Don’t stop!” I felt you become impossibly harder in my mouth, my throat opened up in anticipation. With a jerk and a shout, your orgasm ripped through your body. Pouring out your essence, I swallowed and sucked, swallowed again, and yet again.

I sat up slowly, smiling up at you, although I doubt you could see my face in the dim light. “That felt fucking awesome.” mmmm I had to agree. Then I lay down beside you and as your breathing slowed, I murmured, “see? I told you I could help you fall asleep.”

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