Four in the Morning – NSFW

She woke up with him pressed against her; hard, ready, wanting.
She moaned, stretched, moaned again.
Her hand went behind her; squeezing, stroking.
His hand gripped her hip, following her luscious curves.
She rolled onto her back; smiling, purring.
His hand went to her long curls; clutching, tightening, pulling.
Her hand wandered down his chest, found her reward ready.
She sat up, drawing it out, tying her hair back; moaning, humming.
Finding her place between his thighs, spreading him wide; languidly, carefully.
She lowered her head, licked him from base to tip; deliberately, slowly.
His hips bucked toward her, his hands catching the bedsheets; growling, encouraging.
Taking him in, she opened her throat; moaning, sucking, squeezing.
He tried to slow her down, draw it out; but instead,
Her hand dropped lower; pressing, massaging, rubbing.
Her pace picked up, he couldn’t stop himself; roaring out his pleasure, filling her mouth.
She sucked him dry, swallowed him down, licked him clean; smiled.

She lay down beside him, his breathing slowed, quieted; she waited.
His body relaxed, still she waited; patiently anticipating.
She touched his soft skin, breathed deep his scent; purring.
Her hands moved to her own skin, followed her own curves; searching, finding, knowing.
Quietly she moved beside him, tasting him on her lips, smelling him so close.
Her fingers rubbed, stroked, dipped, paused.
Hips moving, sshh don’t wake him, quietly, silently, moaning out his name.
Her body shuddered, she called out in spite of herself.

Relaxing, her senses were filled:
She could see her Lover lying beside her; spent, satiated.
She heard his soft breathing; unknowing, relaxed.
She smelled both of them in the air; mingling, intoxicating.
She felt the fan’s air blowing across her skin; damp, cooling.
She tasted his virile energy on her tongue; delicious, erotic.

Should she tell him when he wakes? She drifted off without an answer yet completely satisfied…

4 thoughts on “Four in the Morning – NSFW

      1. I love your erotic writings, exactly what I enjoy reading and I can’t stop writing about it. Exhilarating lol. Think to tag erotic in your posts to get more people seeing them. Certainly deserves it.

        Liked by 1 person

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