an ocean rages inside me pours out in sobs and wails crashes against my ribcage drowning my heart, my soul streams of liquid heartache flow down tears constantly falling I was whole when you were in me you walked effortlessly across my stormy peaks and troughs now I’m dry on the outside parchment skin and […]


She is completely found in that moment as her flesh is being ripped apart. When the maggots have chewed their way in deep, the rotten bits easily consumed and made into a wretched writhing mess. Holding her hands out and above, she closes her eyes and opens her throat, gurgling laughter spilling forth. It’s a […]


Can you help me fly away Leave behind all my pasts My sins and my transgressions Start over from this point on Not looking back Please don’t ask any questions Just hold me Cover me with your wings Possess me Devour me Engulf me Absorb me That you and I would intermingle Becoming one My […]